Rep. Sullivan Announces Support for Victim Services License Plate

Rep. Tom Sullivan
Rep. Tom Sullivan

Representative Tom Sullivan (HD-37) is sponsoring the nonprofit Aurora Rise’s Group Special License Plate, dedicated to helping victims of crime in Colorado.

“Aurora Rise is an organization that has been extremely important to my family through the years following the Aurora Theater Shooting, and I am happy to be able to support this effort to raise awareness and funds through this new license plate. This is a wonderful opportunity to support Coloradans who have become victims of violence, while we also continue our efforts to prevent gun violence in the future” said Representative Tom Sullivan.

Aurora Rise is a nonprofit dedicated to helping the survivors of the July 20, 2012, Aurora Theater Shooting and remembering those whom we lost that night. The proposed license plate design has 13 stars commemorating those who died on July 20, 2012. One of those murdered included Representative Sullivan’s son, Alex.

“Thanks to Tom for his support on this project and his backing of Aurora Rise since its inception,” stated the Aurora Rise board. “We couldn’t have moved this forward without him.”

Proceeds collected from this new plate would support other victims of crime in Colorado through the state’s Victim Compensation Fund. The proposal would add an extra $25 to the fund, per plate, per year.

The plate needs at least 3,000 signatures from Colorado vehicle owners. Then it can be submitted to the Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles, for approval in order to move on to the State Legislature. As of June 27, 570 signatures had been collected at

The Sullivan family and Aurora Rise have worked together since the nonprofit’s inception, with family members having served on Aurora Rise’s board of directors.

Please note that the license plate design has not been finalized. The final license plate design is to be completed upon the enactment of the Bill and after the Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles designates a nonprofit.

For any questions about the plate, go to,, or contact Aurora Rise directly at 303-524-5251,, or

“For nine years we’ve seen the generosity of Colorado and beyond in helping the victims of the Aurora Theater Shooting,” said the Aurora Rise board. “But many other victims of crime in Colorado are also trying to recover from the worst experiences of their lives. With this plate, we can rise together and help them.”

Colorado vehicle owners are invited to make their commitment and sign at